Robots at Storytime

Today we had two Story Times that continued our Summer Reading Programming. Thursday sessions this summer will feature several stories and a science-related craft or activity. Our first one was about - robots!

We read Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman, about a small boy and a robot who meet and have fun, but then don't know how to help each other when each 'malfunctions'. The next story was about a robot boy named Doug who unplugs from his downloading to go out and have fun in the city. The name of the book? Doug Unplugged by Dan Yaccarino. Clink by Kelly DiPucchio was about an old and rusty robot that lived in a small shop and tried so hard to be noticed (and he was). Rabbit and Robot, The Sleep Over is a chapter book, so we only read one chapter. It's a funny story about Rabbit and Robot planning a sleepover together. In the first chapter, Rabbit put lettuce, carrots, and snow peas on his pizza while Robot added nuts, bolts, and screws to his! We think the author, Cece Bell, should write more Rabbit and Robot books!
Our craft was a stand-up robot with a silver-painted, toilet-paper roll base. There were all sorts of stick-on embellishments, like colored dots, felt pads, cardboard, stars, and labels and lots of silver and colored foil paper. Kids built their robot to their liking, and added pipe cleaners for either antennae or handles! Each robot was so unique! Have a look!


Christine Hunewell said...

A message from Cece Bell, the author!
Thank you so much for your email, and especially for including Rabbit & Robot in your Story Hours last week. Hooray! The crafts are especially wonderful, and the kids' ideas for more R & R are great, too.

There will indeed be a second Rabbit & Robot for you to share with a new group of kids!

Thanks again for including me. Tell your kids I say HI!

Wendy said...

Great video!

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