SRP Kick-off: Robots and Friends

Last night's kick-off for the Summer Reading Program was great fun! Kids had a chance sign up for the program or to check in with Mrs. Simard to record the books they've already read. Then everyone went downstairs to create a paper robot while catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

A clear CD envelope was the robot's base. Kids chose a piece of clear plastic or an index card to decorate as the mechanism inside the robot. There was so many materials to choose from to make the robot's insides: buttons, wires, sticky dots, colored foil, washers, reinforcements, pipe cleaners, cardboard - and lots more! Each robot's mechanism was very different!
Can you see the robot's heart?

Finally, kids gave their robot faces, arms, legs, even feet! Some were jointed with brads for elbows and knees! They were all so different and creative!
Before the evening finished, we read two robot books and picked up the weekly prize - a science-themed poster to color and fill in with information about favorite books, activities, movies, and more. These can be hung on walls at home - or brought back to hang at the library! We had such a creative and fun first week! Come join us next Tuesday at 6:30 for the Mad Science Show!


Cherie Blessing said...

What robot books did you include as part of this Fizz Boom activity? Thank you for sharing!

Christine Hunewell said...

Cherie: We read two books - Boy + Bot and Doug Unplugged. Watch tomorrow's post for the details of the stories - I will likely read them again!

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