For the Birds

There was another big snowstorm overnight! But snow did not stop us from holding this week's storytime. We read Birds by Kevin Henkes, Have You Seen Birds? by Barbara Reid, and Crinkleroot's 25 Birds Every Child Should Know by Jim Arnosky. We identified birds like owls, seagulls, goldfinches and blue jays.
Even though it's the first day of Spring, birds must still be having a hard time finding food. So we made some bird feeders to help out. First we smeared peanut butter on a tube, then we rolled it and rolled it in birdseed. Finally we tied it up with some yarn and put it in a bag to take home and hang up. Some of us made another kind of feeder - cheerios threaded onto a pipe cleaner!

We had such a good time today, I forgot to take pictures of the finished feeders! 


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