Dinosaurs With Everything!

NHCS StoryCrafters tell me they all love dinosaurs, so today we read When Dinosaurs Came With Everything by Elise Broach. The story is about a boy and his mother out for a day of errands. But instead of getting stickers after a doctor's visit and balloons after a haircut, on this particular day children are getting a dinosaur - with everything! It's a pretty funny story!

We made three dimensional dinosaurs from heavy cardstock. There was a lot to cut out, and we needed to cut slowly and precisely to make the dinosaur fit together right.
When the cutting was finished, we assembled the dinosaur so we could see how and why it stood on its own. Some of us needed to do some trimming so it would stand up! Then we disassembled the creature into the five individual pieces so we could color and decorate it. 


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