Everybody loves to dance! This week our story time featured books about dancing. We read Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae, a funny book about a giraffe that thought he couldn't dance (there's a wonderful video of the story here). We also read Hop, Jump by Ellen Stoll Walsh, about dancing frogs and Dancing Feet by Lindsey Craig, about lots of different dancing animals and the sounds their feet make.

For our craft, we colored and decorated a puppet! Stickers and dots, foam and felt pieces all adorned the plain puppet, which could have become either an animal or a person! Little fingers through the two holes at the bottom made the legs and feet for the puppet. 
Dancing puppet!
We also did a fun fingerplay called "Dance Your Fingers Up" that goes like this:
Dance your fingers up, dance your fingers down
Dance your fingers to the side, dance them all around
Dance them on your shoulders, dance them on your head
Dance them on your tummy, and put them all to bed!


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