Dr. Seuss Week

Sure, I knew it was Read Across America Week at NHCS and that the theme of the week was Dr. Seuss and his work. Imagine my surprise, though, to find that today was Hat Day at NHCS! And I had brought both The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins and Daisy Head Mayzie to read. And our craft? A 'Cat in the Hat' Hat! It surely was my lucky day!
Raw materials for hats were paper plates, red construction paper, repurposed computer paper, glue sticks, and tape - lots of tape! Students were given free reign to construct their own hats, knowing that it needed to have a brim and have a tall red and white striped crown. One of the biggest challenges was getting the tall red cyclinder attached to the white paper plate brim. There were several different methods, and they all worked!
 I love what kids can do with a little imagination and book for inspiration!


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