Stuck Trucks

Mud season in New Hampton is underway! Our books today were all about trucks that got stuck in mud. We read one of my favorites, Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle, a rhyming book about a small, kind truck helping a big gruff one (that also teaches the value of friendship). We also read Red Truck by Kersten Hamilton, about a truck rescuing a school bus, and My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis, where many vehicles trying to help a stuck dump truck.

At craft time we had the choice of making a little blue truck or a little red one. Pre-cut pieces were glued in place on gray paper. Googly eyes for headlights matched the trucks in the books. And several children chose to add the frog in the story as the driver of their truck! Finally, kids used a q-tip dabbed with brown to paint "mud" on their vehicles. 

After the story and craft, another vehicle appeared - a train for all the stuffed animals, made by a very clever little girl!


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