Friday, April 25, 2014

Kite Day!

Yesterday was a very windy day and the perfect day to read about the wind and kites! Storytime began with the book The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins - about wind that snatched away an umbrella, a hanky from someone's nose, a wig from a judge, and lots of other funny items. Then we read Kite Day by Will Hillenbrand, about Bear and Mole, friends who decide one Spring day to make and fly a kite. Our third book was Stuck by Oliver Jeffers, a funny book about a boy whose kite gets stuck in a tree - and all the objects he throws at it to try to make it come down! Finally, we read Princess Hyacinth: the surprising tale of a girl who floated by Florence Parry Heide. It was a kite (and a clever prince) that saved the day in this entertaining story!

We made small kites for our craft. They were divided into quadrants and kids were encouraged to color each with markers. Also available were stickers, colored dots, and foil stars! Some of our kites got pretty fancy! Yarn was added for a string and crepe paper streamers made a long, flowing tail.

After Storytime ended, everyone went to the lawn outside to try their kites.
And they flew in the morning wind!

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