Thursday, April 17, 2014

Name That Bunny!

There are so many books in the children's room with rabbits as characters. Can you identify the six bunnies below? Comment with the title of the book OR the name of the illustrator. First comment to correctly identify all six gets...a chocolate rabbit, of course!


Unknown said...

LtoR Top to Bottom...a day late:

1)Jan Brett's- The Easter Egg.
2)Stumped :(
3)M. Wise Brown's- Goodnight Moon.
4)Another DiCamillo Masterpiece- The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.
5)Knuffle Bunny!!!

Happy Easter!

Christine Hunewell said...

Once again, a comment has come from Mr. McCann correctly identifying five of the six illustrations! But in order to win the chocolate rabbit, all illustrations must be identified. Can anyone in 4Mc help?? In the meantime, the contest remains open for anyone else who might want to try...

Unknown said...

We have the answer! Little White Rabbit was our last book cover- Thanks to Noah's mom for the tip!