Pumpkins & Jack-o-Lanterns

Thanks to Melanie, the children's room here is spookily decorated for Halloween with ghosts, spiders, and pumpkins! In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, this Thursday's Story Time focused on pumpkins and how they become jack-o-lanterns. Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas led us off - a colorful story about Duck's attempts at making a jack-o-lantern. Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills is a short board book story about friends searching for a pumpkin. Pumpkin Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington shows, through the eyes of a child, the life cycle of a pumpkin from seed to sprout to blossom to fruit and back to seed. We also read Apples & Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell and Five Little Pumpkins by Dan Yaccarino.

Children made a paper pumpkin from shades of orange and gold papers collaged onto a paper plate. A stem completed the pumpkin. The children transformed their pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns by adding eyes, nose, and a happy or sad mouth.

We sang Five Little Pumpkins as a fingerplay and had fun reciting this short poem.

Pumpkin, pumpkin
Round and fat (hold arms in front in a circle)
Turned into a jack-o-lantern (turn around)
Just like that! (clap-clap-clap!)
Finally, everyone visited the circulation desk to see Michelle, who had a new jack-o-lantern stamp for little hands today!


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