Pumpkins Big, Pumpkins Small

This afternoon, the NHCS StoryCrafters heard the story Pumpkins by NH author Mary Lyn Ray. In the story, a man tries to raise money to buy a field by growing and selling pumpkins. Does he succeed? We had some questions about the man's methods but we were all satisfied with the story's ending.

In the man's pumpkin patch, there were pumpkins of every size. So, for our craft, we made pumpkins of every size. Each student chose a large or small circular object to trace and made six or eight circles of the same size. Folding each in half and strategically gluing these semicircles together produced pumpkin spheres. A crumpled strip of paper bag made the stem.


As we cleaned up, crafters discussed ways to do this activity at home using scrap paper and crayons, old newspapers, almost any kind of paper, with an everyday circular object to trace!


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