Autumn Leaves

Isn't our fall foliage amazing this year? This week's Children's Story Time focused on fall, particularly on trees and leaves. We made a connection to last week's mouse theme by listening to Mouse's First Fall by Lauren Thompson about a mouse and his friend who have fun playing in leaves. We then jumped right into Fresh Fall Leaves by Betsy Franco. After our craft, we read Leaves by David Ezra Stein about a bear who thinks leaves shouldn't be falling from the trees and even tries to reattach them! We also referenced Lois Ehlert's beautiful book, Leaf Man, identifying fall colors and looking for the features in many of the leaf creatures.

At craft time, children colored in the outline of a tree trunk, then dotted bare branches with drops of glue. They used precut tissue paper squares in fall colors as leaves by crumpling them and pushing them down onto the glue drops. Sticky work - but fun, and pretty!

Join us for Story Time next Thursday - 10:45-11:45 or 12:45-1:45! 


Unknown said...

So glad to see a blog on Story Time at the Gordon Nash Library!

Unknown said...

The Blog is as colorful as the fall foliage.

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