Fort Night!

During the busy Fourth of July week, families were invited to relax and play at The Gordon Nash Library's "Fort Night" as part of our Summer Reading Program. Families brought sheets from home and built a fort anywhere they chose to in the library. Some were in the stacks, some under tables, others suspended between chairs. After their forts were built, families chose activities to take into their forts. There were joke books, riddle books, and puzzle books to choose from, dice games to play, crafts to do, and building with glow sticks. Juice boxes, water, crackers, and fruit were available, generously donated to the event by Hannaford of Bristol.
Before the evening ended, glow stick creations were set up in front of the windows in the Children's Room. All night long, they glowed in the dark under the almost full moon.
It was such a fun night! Thanks to Hannaford for their kind donation of refreshments that made a wonderful night that much more special. Special thanks to all the families who took time in a busy week to come have fun with their children.


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