Why Read? Why Write?

The Friends of the Gordon-Nash Library again this year partnered with the New Hampton Community School to sponsor their annual Why Read, Why Write Spring essay contest. The theme of this year's contest was "How to Build a Better World", with fourth and fifth grade students writing creatively about how kids can make a difference. When their essays were complete, students also created colorful posters based on their writings.

Gretchen Draper, teacher-consultant from the New Hampshire chapter of the National Writing Project, initiated the contest by addressing students and offering materials to help them generate and organize their ideas. New Hampton teachers Melissa Markey, Angie Bergholm, and Scott McCann facilitated the essay writing and the creation of posters.

Since our Summer Reading Program theme focuses on the same theme, students are letting us display their artwork for the summer months. The posters will decorate our children's room and fill our display case so that patrons young and old can see how kids can help Build a Better World!


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