Something Fishy!

This week's Storytime was devoted to fish. Fish Eyes: a book you can count on by Lois Ehlert had a hole through the page for each fish eye, but it also let us see some of the shapes and sizes of fish and gave us some ideas for creating our own. The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen was a favorite because of this fish's pouty behavior when others were trying to be friendly or helpful. Some kids even read along with the "pout-pout" part! In Poor Little Guy by Elanna Allen, a small but special fish was almost eaten by a big octopus. Wait til you read how he got away! Our last story, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister was about a beautiful fish who learned the value of sharing. 

We used blue paper plates to look like the ocean, and made fish and sea life to glue on top. Tissue paper, foam shapes, colored dots, and crayons all made an ocean setting with fish and seaweed (and kelp!) on a sandpaper ocean floor. Some of us used sequins for eyes or to make bubbles coming from the fish's mouths. When the collage was finished, we covered the opending of a second cut-out paper plate with blue cellophane and glued it over the first plate. It made it look like our fish were under the ocean!


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