Monday, October 19, 2015

STEM Saturday: Potions & Polymers

What a fun STEM Saturday we had, predicting, measuring and concocting with kitchen and craft materials! First, we donned our safety glasses, Next, we made oobleck that oozed through our fingers, then magically became a solid when we squeezed it! The goopy slime we made stretched from high above our heads all the way down to the table. Ewwww - what slimey fun we had with these polymers!
Next, we made eruptions by pouring vinegar onto a cup of cornstarch. We used pipettes to control the amounts. Kool-aid mixed in made our experiments colorful and good-smelling! More vinegar made more bubbles! What a reaction!
Finally, we got creative by adding all sorts of liquids (and solids!) to our potions - soap, apple cider vinegar, even oil. Glitter made it sparkle, heart candy floated through it. Fun!
Even after you stir and stir and STIR, cornstarch, vinegar, and oil each make their own layer. Isn't it a pretty potion?

Next STEM Saturday - November 7th at 10:45. We'll be experimenting and having fun with marble runs!

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