We had fun this week reading lots of stories about chickens. We began with Sonya's Chickens by Phoebe Wahl, about a little girl who raised chicks and the mother fox who took one of them away - to feed her babies. The Chicken Sisters by Laura Numeroff was about three chickens who love to do things that they don't do very well, but they outsmarted a wolf! Chicken Little by Rebecca Emberley told the story of the acorn falling on a chicken's head - and you know that story! It sure had a funny ending, though!  Higgledy-Piggledy Chicks by Barbara M. Joosse was about a mama hen trying to keep her chicks out of trouble. And, my favorite, The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend, told about Jack the Cat, who built an elaborate nest to trick barnyard birds into laying eggs for his breakfast. 
Then we made our chicken puppets, some with precut shapes and some by tracing their own. Chickens were two sided, with feathers and eyes on each side of a craft stick holder. Each chicken had a set of long tail feathers. Just like real chickens, they were all different. 


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