STEM Saturday: Hearts & Valentines

At our STEM Saturday today, we investigated hearts - the real ones and the Valentine ones!

We talked about our hearts, and what they do to keep us alive. We felt our heart beating in our chests. Then we listened to another person's heart using a paper towel tube. To amplify the sound, we duct-taped a hollow plastic cup to the tube to make a pretend stethoscope - and it worked. Our last heart experiment involved a feather stuck in a mini-marshmallow. We gently place this on our wrists to see if we could notice the feather moving up and down from the blood pulsing through our veins. Some of us could!
Next, we made predictions about what would happen if we put small candy hearts into hot water and cold water. After we wrote or drew our predictions, we watched for a while as hearts reacted to the hot and cold liquids. What surprised us most is that the color came off the candy and tinted the water, and this happened faster when the water was warmer!
Next, we put water into tall containers and added a little baking soda. After we stirred it up, we added a handful of candy hearts. We watched as they bubbled up a little bit. Then we added some vinegar, and the reaction made the hearts dance up and down in the solution. Afterward, we continued to add more vinegar and sometimes it even bubbled up over the top of the glass!
Finally, we made simple catapults from popsicle sticks, spoons, and rubber bands. We flung conversation hearts all around the Children's Room!
Of course, we ate some candy hearts, too. We STEM!


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