Crazy 8s: Bouncing Dice

Did you know that opposite sides of dice add up to 7? This is one of the things the NHCS Crazy 8s Kids learned as we problem-solved and investigated with dice games. We noted the number of times each number showed up in an explosion of bouncing dice. But we spent most of our time playing a life-sized Bingo game where we were the chips. Rolling three dice for each turn, we strategically calculated and manipulated the numbers shown on the dice to land ourselves on the most advantageous number on the Bingo floor.  There were lots of shouts of "BINGO"!

This was our final Bedtime Math session of the year. Thanks to Mr. McCann, Mrs. Doucette, and the NASD Project Promise Program for allowing the Gordon-Nash to work with these fabulous NHCS kids! 


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