Science Saturday: Investigating Bubbles!

Our first Science Saturday was lots of fun as we learned about bubbles by playing with them! First, we made some bubbles in a soda bottle. We added dish soap to a bottle of water, shook it, then dumped the water out. We all agreed that the bubbles that remained in the bottle looked plain and white. But as we watched, colors on the sides of the bubbles appeared, and they began to look like prisms in the light!

Next we got to work making bubble wands. We used pipe cleaners and pony beads to make square and heart shaped wands. We also threaded long cotton string through shortened pieces of straws and tied it to make a rectangle. We wondered if heart and rectangular-shaped wands would make bubbles with the same shape!

Then we made lots of bubbles with our wands - and with funnels, cookie cutters, tiny bottles, and even our hands and fingers! There were bubbles all over the Children's Room! Here's what we found out:
  • Every bubble, even the biggest and longest ones, will turn itself into a bubble sphere.
  • Sometimes when bubbles pop, you can see the water and soap droplets fall through the air. 
  • Soapy hands are better for touching bubbles than dry hands. Sometimes you can catch and hold one with sudsy hands! 
  • You can see all the colors in a bubble as it floats along. 
  • Bubbles fly better - and higher - outside than they do inside!
So even though it was chilly for a September morning, we all went outside to try our bubble wands. 
Some of us also tried a huge bubble wand, made with sticks and string. Look at the size of these bubbles!!!
And there are all the colors!

This is a great recipe for a bubble solution!

6 cups water
1/2 cup blue Dawn dish detergent
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp glycerine (I bought it at RiteAid!)

What a fabulous and fun way to start our Science Saturday series! Thanks to Brandie and Evelyn's dad for the yummy snacks! And, for the ride home - BUBBLE GUM!


Anonymous said...

I wish I had joined the Bubble Scientists; what fun!

Michelle said...

What an awesome day, the kids(and adults) had so much fun!!

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