Music, music, music!

Our last science-themed Storytime was today, when we read about music and made a tambourine to take home. Our books were Mole Music by David McPhail, about Mole who plays his violin in private never realizing the effect of his beautiful music on others. Froggy Plays In The Band by Jonathan London is about Froggy and his friends who decide to compete in a band parade and contest. Finally, Geraldine the Music Mouse by Leo Lionni told about a mouse who heard music coming from a strange source and ultimately learned to make her own kind of music.
A paper plate was the base for our tambourine. We colored the center, then threaded  jingle bells and crepe paper streamers through the holes on the edge. Beautiful!
We played along with recorded music by Elizabeth Mitchell as we shook and banged our tambourines. Good music!!


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