Garden Time

With the hopes of warming weather, it's time to read about gardens in Storytime. Grandpa's Garden by Stella Fry is the story of a young boy learning about gardening by working with his grandfather. We found lots of pictures of vegetables growing in this book! Flower Garden by was about a very different type of garden - flowers, in the middle of a busy city, up high on a building and attached to a window! Finally, Secrets of the Garden by Kathleen Zoehfeld tells of a family's summer experience as they plant, care for, and harvest their garden - and learn about small insects and critters that live there!

A paper flower garden was today's craft. We started with paper stems and leaves and glued cupcake liner flowers to the top. Flower centers were then embellished with coloring and with scrunched up tissue paper. Some decorated their gardens with insects and other creatures that we read about in our stories. 

At Storytime, there's always time to share with a friend
the excitement that's going on outside the window...
in this case, the riding lawn mower!


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